22 important rules at Boarding School

At Nyborg Gymnasiums Boarding School you are part of a community and have responsibilities, therefore it is important that you understand the seriousness of the following….


  1. The school is a prerequisite to live at the boarding school. If one continues with absence without good reason, this will result in permanent expulsion.
  2. There is expected a decent tone both in real life and the virtual world. Bullying, harassment, offence against decency, violent and / or threatening behaviour is unacceptable and will result in permanent expulsion from the boarding school.
  3. In case of a fire (24 hours), you must leave the boarding school at once and walk over to the school canteen / FOOD CAMP, where you should place yourself with the others from your hall. You must not leave the canteen before an employee has given permission to.
  4. It is not permitted to tamper with the boarding schools alert system / fire alarms in the common areas and in the rooms etc. This will result in immediate permanent expulsion.
  5. Theft will result in being reported to the police and permanent expulsion from the boarding school.
  6. It is not permitted to use, store or be in possession of weapons or the like on the boarding school’s area. For security reasons all forms of use, storage or possession of pepper spray or the like is also forbidden. Violation will result in being reported to the police and permanent expulsion from the boarding school.
  7. Psychedelic drugs, solvents, doping compounds is strictly forbidden. It is not permitted to use, store or be in possession of psychedelic drugs. The boarding school uses drug detection dogs and students can be called in for a drug test. Violation or evasion of this rule will result in being reported to the police and immediate permanent expulsion.
  8. it is not permitted to drink alcohol on days up to a school day (Sunday to Thursday), at the boarding school or outside the boarding school area.
  9. You must inform the boarding school teachers team if you receive treatment (physical / mental) and or get prescribed medication. Withholding important health information may result in expulsion.
  10. You may drink beer or wine Friday or Saturday evening after 19.00 – BUT you MUST ask for permission from the boarding school watch on duty, if you are allowed to drink alcohol then there must be quiet by 22.00. Alcohol and empty bottles etc MUST be removed the next day by 10.00 at the latest.
    On the days when there are parties at school, you must not drink alcohol at the boarding school.
  11. You must check-in daily with the boarding employee on duty during the period 07.00 – 19.00 (applies to all days of the week)

12. On days up to a school day (Sunday to and Inc. Thursday) You must be at the boarding school during the period 23.00-06.00

13. You MUST check Lectio every day regarding new messages from school and the boarding school team!

  1. You MUST participate actively in the duties at the boarding school – House duty and Kitchen duty, as well as helping at parties and events and tidy up after yourself.
  2. You MUST remember to fill out a travel form if you stay overnight at another place than the boarding school (can be found in the dining room).
  3. You must, at the latest by Wednesday fill out the weekend list (hanging on the noticeboard in the dining room). If you change your plans after then, then you must inform the boarding school team!
  4. You MUST clean your room every week. There will be a weekly cleaning check!
  5. If you are ill, you MUST and IMMEDIATELY inform the personnel at the boarding school before 08.00If you are ill during the day you MUST and IMMEDIATELY inform the boarding school.
  6. There MUST be quiet in the rooms and the corridors at. 22.00.
  7. Guests are welcome during weekdays (Monday-Friday) after 13.30 and up to 22.00. At 22.00 there MUST be quiet in the living areas.
  8. You can have 1 overnight guest Friday to Saturday evening – but remember to register the guest to the personnel, Wednesday at the latest. Max 10 overnight guests at the boarding school.
  9. It is compulsory to attend the meetings you are summoned to by the boarding school teachers team (corridor meetings and pupils meetings). You are summoned via Lectio.
  10. It is not permitted to use electric kettles, coffee machines, mini refrigerators etc. In the rooms due to general security rules.
  11. Smoking is not permitted in the area of the boarding school, visible from the boarding school or nuisance for the school / boarding schools neighbours. This includes also water pipes, e-cigarettes, snus etc.
  12. The boarding schools’ parties and events are only for boarding school students.


If you violate the boarding school’s rules or break an agreement you will experience a consequence and reaction from the boarding school., Depending on the character of the case there will be the following sanctions:

  • Reprimand by the boarding school employee on duty.
  • Verbal warning from the boarding school employee on duty.
  • Written warning given by the Head of the boarding school and Principal after recommendation fromboarding school employees.
  • While a case is being investigated a student can temporarily be sent home.
  • Temporary or permanent expulsion. With permanent expulsion one is barred from visiting theboarding school in future.
  • With a given sanction, the Head of the boarding school can attach a number of expectations to aboarding school students future stay. There can, in certain circumstances it can be required an agreement that e.g. in a period leave for home at the weekend, do not drink alcohol on or outside of the boarding school area etc.
  • Requirement of temporary delivery of private objects to management that are not permitted at the boarding school.
  • Temporary detention of private objects if presence at the boarding school is not permitted, until the student, after agreement with management e.g., in connection with home visits can bring the objects safely and permanently away from the boarding school area.
  • In the form of a written- and more extensive sanction parents will be informed.
    You can call the boarding school teacher on duty on tel. +45 30701839.


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