Boarding school – welcome letter
Dear new boarding students and parents,

Welcome to Nyborg Gymnasiums boarding school. We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 7 August 2021, when there is moving in day – see the intro programme.

There can be many reasons why you have chosen to study at Nyborg Gymnasium and at the same time live at the boarding school.

There are two things that are fundamental for being together and working at the boarding school. One thing is considering your schooling – it is a prerequisite for your stay at the boarding school. The other is the mutual tolerance and respect that is needed so that 191 young people can live under the same roof and thrive with each other Each individual student shall feel safe and at the same time secure good opportunities for educational and personal development. We wish to focus on one of these values, freedom with responsibility, the phrase can seem a little worn, but the words actually have substance at Nyborg Gymnasium. You will be part of a community of obligation, and we have expectations that you enter the community with a positive attitude and seriousness to join in and make a difference both for yourself and others.

In addition to the welcome greetings and an introduction programme, there is also attached a clarification of the things that are useful to know before you arrive. There are the important rules and guidelines. Moreover, you can visit Nyborg Gymnasium’s homepage and find an electronic version of our rules which also include good practical information about every day at the boarding school. The rules and guidelines are important to read before you start – we expect that you have read the rules and guidelines before your arrival.

We cannot avoid mentioning COVID-19, which the whole world is still affected of during this time. Since the middle of March 2020 boarding school students and personnel have also been affected of the situation. We hope and expect that we can open up without COVID-19 restrictions. However, we require that all must be able to show a negative test that is not older than 96 hours old or can show that you vaccination is complete with an EMA approved vaccine.

We follow the Danish authorities’ guidelines and rules in his area and set up our rules, so they fit in with the reality we are in. We have attached specific guidelines and rules regarding your arrival / entry if you come from abroad. We expect that all the attached documents are read before arrival. There can continuously be changes, dependent on the information we receive from the authorities.

We hope we have experienced the worst regarding COVID-19 and that we, at last, can go into a brighter future.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to call the school or the boarding school.

We wish you and your family a lovely summer holiday and that you are looking forward to a school year with educational development, camaraderie, and good experiences.

On behalf of the personnel at the boarding school, Best wishes,

Betina Hyldgaard Andersen
Head of Boarding School

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