Boarding school – welcome letter
Dear new boarding students and parents,

Welcome to Nyborg Gymnasium boarding school. We are looking forward to seeing you on August 8, 2020 whereby you will be checked in – check the introduction program.

There are many reasons as to why you have chosen to take your education at Nyborg Gymnasium and also the boarding school. But two things are fundamental for your socializing and staying at boarding school. One is the consideration of schooling – it is the prerequisite for your stay here at the boarding school. Secondly, mutual tolerance and respect is highly required and expected for 191 young people to live under the same roof and be comfortable with each other. Each student must feel safe and at the same time, must ensure they grab the good opportunities for personal development.

These are the values we want to enhance and are promoting. Sometimes the phrase Freedom with responsibility may seem a bit worn out like other phrases, but those words are significant here at the boarding school in Nyborg Gymnasium.

For preparedness, we will contact your relevant contact persons with whom you will be associated with when you come abroad. Our reasons for doing this is, firstly, to get acquainted with them and secondly, to ensure they understand the assignment or task that comes along with being a contact person.

We cannot avoid mentioning COVID-19 that is affecting the entire world simultaneously. Since mid-March, the boarding school has been open for emergencies. This obviously has had an implication on the school students and staff members. Therefore, when we return to school in August to start the new school year, we cannot avoid taking precautions. You will all be divided into social groups from the start of the school year and as long as we have to, due to COVID-19. These groups will be sent out at the end of June 2020. The guidelines for the social groups are written in the attached document about rules and guidelines.

We are following the Danish authorities for guidelines and rules when it comes to COVID-19. We also have our set of rules in order to be able to fit in the reality that we are part of. We have attached a set of special guidelines and rules regarding your arrival here at the boarding school, and entry if you are coming from abroad and, special guidelines and rules in relation to COVID-19. We, therefore, do expect that you will ensure that you have read the attached documents before your arrival at the boarding school. However, do note that changes on these set of rules and guidelines may occur on an ongoing basis, this will be based or depend on the messages that we will be receiving from the Danish Authorities.

We can only hope that we have experienced the worst in relation to COVID-19 and that we will see a brighter future, but we all must be careful and do our utmost to minimize the risk of getting COVID-19 into boarding school, as well as minimize the risk of spread. In a situation of a weak link and it can explode.

In case you do have any questions, you are very much welcome to ring the Gymnasium or the boarding school do not hesitate.

We wish you and your family a wonderful summer holiday, and we are looking forward to the new school year with good company and wonderful experiences.

On behalf of the boarding school staff

Yours sincerely,

Betina Hyldgaard Andersen
Head of Boarding School

Attendance and stay at the  Boarding Scholl – handling the COVID-19
ATTENTION – if you travel from abroad

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