Boarding school -10 commandments

A short checklist, which you can use to get an quickly overview

  1. You must check Lectio daily, regarding new messages from the boarding school teachers team.
  2. You must participate actively with the duties at the boarding school – House duty and Kitchen duty, as well as helping with parties and activities and tidying up  after yourself in the common areas. We expect you to follow the guidelines for House and Kitchen duties – check the notice board in the entrance hall as well as lectio.
  3. You must fill out a travel notice if you stay overnight somewhere else (you can find it in the dining hall).
  4. You must, at the latest Wednesday 18.30, fill out the weekend list whether you stay at the boarding school or not. (The list is on the notice board in the dining hall). If  You change your plans after this time, you MUST tell the boarding school teacher team.
  5. Guests are welcome during the week (Monday-Friday) after 13.30 and until 22.00  At 22.30 there MUST be completely quiet in the residential areas.  You can have 1 overnight guest Friday and Saturday evening – but remember to sign up the guest to the boarding school teacher (at the latest Wednesday if the guest will eat meals).
  6. The boarding school parties and activities are only for boarding school students.
  7. You are allowed to drink beer and wine Friday and Saturday evening, after 19.00  – BUT you must remember to get permission from the boarding school teacher on duty. It is not permitted to drink alcohol before a school day (Sunday to Thursday), not in the boarding school or outside of the boarding school area.
  8. Attendance is obligatory when you are called to a meeting with the boarding school teachers (monthly corridor meetings as well as larger meetings).  You are called to meetings by Lectio.
  9. In case of fire (24 hrs), You must leave the boarding school at once and go to the school canteen / FOOD CAMP, where you shall stand together with your student corridor. You must not leave the canteen before an employee from the boarding school has given you permission to do so.
  10. If you are ill, it’s very important, that you IMMEDIATELY, in the morning, before 8.00 contact the staff at the boarding school. If you get sick during the day, you should also notify it IMMEDIATELY.

You can call your boarding school teacher by tel. +45 30701839

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