You are part of a binding community, and therefore it is important that you understand the seriousness of the following….

  1. The school is a prerequisite for staying at the boarding school. If you continue with unexcused absences, it can entail permanent expulsion.
  2. A proper tone is expected both in the real meeting and in the virtual world. Bullying, harassment, humiliating, violent and/or threatening behavior is unacceptable and will result in permanent expulsion from the boarding school.
  3. In the event of a fire (around the clock), you must immediately leave the boarding school and move over in the school canteen / FOOD CAMP, where you must place yourself together with the others from your corridor. You must not leave the canteen / FOOD CAMP until an employee from the boarding school has given permission to do so.
  4. It is not permitted to tamper the boarding school’s emergency system / fire alarms in the common areas and / or in the rooms / apartments etc. Will result in immediate permanent expulsion.
  5. It is not permitted to use electric kettles, coffee machines, mini fridges etc. in the rooms, due to general safety regulations. It is not permitted to have electric bicycles, electric scooters etc. similar with rechargeable batteries at the boarding school, due to overall safety regulations.
  6. Theft entails a police report and permanent expulsion from the boarding school
  7. It is not permitted to use, store or be in possession of weapons and similar weapons or items on the boarding school / school grounds. For safety reasons, all forms of use, storage, and possession of pepper sprays etc. eq. also prohibited. Violation results in a police report and permanent expulsion from the boarding school
  1. Smoking must not take place on the boarding school grounds, or visible from the boarding school or to the detriment of the school’s / the boarding school’s neighbors. This also applies to hookahs, e-cigarettes, snuff etc.
  2. Drugs / Intoxicants, solvents, doping preparations are strictly prohibited. It is not permitted to use, store and be in possession of euphoric drugs. The boarding school uses sniffer dogs and you, as a student, could be summoned for a drug test. Violation or circumvention of this prohibition will result in a police report and immediate permanent expulsion.
  3. It is not permitted to drink alcohol on days leading up to a school day (Sunday to Thursday), neither at the boarding school nor outside the boarding school area. On days when there are parties at the school, you may not drink alcohol at the boarding school.
  4. You are welcome to drink beer or wine on Friday and Saturday evenings, after 19.00 – BUT you MUST get permission from the boarding school teacher on duty. If you are allowed to drink alcohol, there must be silence at 22.30. Alcohol and empty alcohol packaging MUST be removed the next day, no later than 10.00.
  5. You must inform the boarding school teachers team if you receive treatment (physical / psychological) and or are prescribed medication.
  6. If you get sick, you MUST IMMEDIATELY in the morning – before 8.00 inform the staff at the boarding school. If you become ill during the day, you MUST also notify the staff IMMEDIATELY. Other reasons for absence must also be passed on to the staff.
  7. You must check in daily with the boarding school teacher on duty (applies to all days of the week).
  8. On days leading up to a school day, you must be at the boarding school between 23.00-06.00.
  9. You MUST check Lectio daily, in relation to new messages from the school and the boarding school teachers team!
  10. You MUST participate actively in the duties at the boarding school – House- and Kitchen duty, as well help at parties and events and clean up after yourself.
  11. You MUST remember to fill in a travel notification if you spend the night somewhere other than the boarding school.
  12. You must complete the weekend list by Wednesday at the latest (hangs on the notice board in the dining room). If you change plans after that, you must notify the dietician team!
  13. It is your responsibility to clean your room every week. There will be regular cleaning checks!
  14. The rooms and corridors MUST be quiet at 22.30.
  15. Guests are welcome on weekdays (Monday-Friday) after 13.30 and until 22.00. You may have 1 overnight guest on Friday and Saturday – but remember to register the guest with the staff (no later than Wednesday if the guest is to eat with the meals). Overnight guests must be 15 years or older.
  16. There is an obligation to attend the meetings called by the boarding school teachers team (corridor meetings and pupils meetings). Meetings are called via Lectio.
  17. The boarding school’s parties and events are only for the boarding school’s students.


If you violate the boarding school’s rules of order or otherwise break agreements entered, you will experience a reaction from the boarding school’s side. Depending on the nature of the case, the following sanctions will apply:

  • Talk with the boarding school teacher on duty.
  • Verbal warning that will be given by the present teacher at work.
  • Written warning will be given to the student by the Principal and Head of the Boarding School after a recommendation from the boarding teacher.
  • While a case is being investigated, a student can be temporarily sent home.
  • Based on some sanctions, the Head of Boarding School can set certain terms and conditions for the student’s future stay at the Boarding School. In some special cases, the student might be required to enter an agreement, for example they should go home every weekend, no drinking alcohol both in and outside Boarding School.
  • Temporary delivery of items, that are not permitted at the Boarding School, to the management.
  • Temporary confiscation of the student’s private items, whose presence at the boarding school is not permitted. When this happens, a student together with the management can make an agreement that when the student returns home for a visit, they can take this item with them back home safely and permanently away from the Boarding School area.
  • The parents will be informed of each form of written and more extensive sanction.

You can call the boarding school teacher on duty on phone number +45 30701839.


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