Thins that are useful to know before you arrive              

Things that are useful to know before you arrive

The boarding school’s address:
Nyborg Gymnasiums kostafdeling, Skolebakken 19, 5800 Nyborg.

Important things to remember to bring, when moving into boarding school – 21/22

  • There are small kitchenettes at the boarding school, which the students share. The kitchenettes are equipped with various remedies, but you have to bring regular service (a
    glass, a cup or more, plates and cutlery – preferably with name). Or buy it, after your arrival.
  • We recommend that you bring a net cable to your room. There are wireless network throughout the boarding school, but during the teaching hours (8 am to 4pm) there are special restrictions on the wireless network, so you cannot access various websites and social media during this period.
  • Remember to bring duvet, pillow, bed linen, sheets (bed is 90x200cm) as well as towels.
  • Remember to bring thumbtacks for the note boards in your room as well as hangers for the closet.

It should be mentioned that it is not allowed to have a mini fridge, electric kettle, coffee machine etc. in the room.

Civil registration:
Only students who are normally residents abroad, including Greenland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands, must change their registration address.
Students with registered address in Denmark, CAN’T change the address to the boarding school.
For those students who come from abroad and who have a Danish CPR number – it is important to bring passport and a confirmation letter with signatures from both parents, in relation for being registered at Nyborg municipality.
For those students who come from abroad and who do not have a Danish CPR number – it is important that they address ‘The State Administration in Odense’ before starting at Nyborg Gymnasium, boarding school. More information comes in another document.

Doctor and dentist:
Students who are normally residents in Denmark must keep the doctor they have in the home area. If you get unwell or ill and need to see a doctor, one of the doctors in Nyborg can be consulted. Remember to have your Health Insurance Card with you.
Students who keep their registration address at home, are expected to see their dentists during holidays. Acute treatments, can be given in Nyborg. Students under the age of 18, who change their registration address to Nyborg, can use free dental care by Nyborg’s Municipal Dental Service.

The boarding school has a number of washing machines, which add allergy friendly soap automatically, and drying facilities available to the students. The payment is done via the mobile phone. If you have a mobile phone with calling card or no mobile phone at all, washing cards can be purchased for the price of 100 kroner (the first time you buy one, you must pay a deposit of 50 kroner).

Cleaning: The student must make sure that his/her room is tidy on a daily basis. Before the holidays we insist that the room is thoroughly cleaned before the pupil leaves the boarding school.

Contact between the boarding school and the pupil’s home:
We value a good and constructive relationship between the boarding school and the home of the students. As a parent you are always welcome to contact the boarding school. On the website there is an overview of the school year’s events / parties as well as the holidays where the boarding school is closed. In addition, you can follow the boarding school on Facebook: ‘Nyborg Gymnasium – Kostskolen / The boarding school’.

Insurance is needed in case of theft or accident and we recommend that the student is insured by a home and family protection insurance with family public liability extension.

If you bring your own television set, are above 18 and registered as living at the boarding school, you are obliged to pay licence fees.

Both the school and boarding school are smoke-free areas.

This applies to the all premises of the boarding school, indoors.

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