The library at Nyborg Gymnasium

Books are what one traditionally associates with a library. But in reality, libraries are a collection of knowledge – whether that knowledge is found in books, magazines, on film or in digital form. At Nyborg Gymnasium’s library, we have access to knowledge regardless of its form. In addition to a place where you can find knowledge, the library is a cultural and lecture room, because here you can also participate in events and lectures. And then you can use the library as a study area, where you can sit in peace and immerse yourself. You can search for knowledge yourself via the library’s databases, and you can get help from the world’s cutest librarian.

Trine Bjørn Jakobsen (TRBJ)

Open for guidance:

The library is open for guidance etc. Tuesday: 9.30 – 13.30, Wednesday: 9.30- 13.30, Thursday 9-12.

You can still write to NG’s librarian Trine (at Lectio) if you need help:
· Order INTERIM LOANS (via Bibliotek.dk)




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