Dear new parents at Nyborg Gymnasium!

First, I would like to warmly welcome the new parents at our school. We are looking forward to meeting your children after the summer holiday and giving them the best possible start to their education. At the time of writing we do not have the exact guidelines from the Danish health authorities regarding the start of the school year, and, consequently, the plans for the start-up might change. We will keep our website updated, but we will communicate any marked changes to you via e-Boks/e-mail should they occur.

It is very important for us to have a close collaboration with parents. Even though your children are becoming adults, they need the parents and the school to work closely together to make their studies here as rewarding, challenging and instructive as possible.

A lot is happening in a young person’s life during the 2-3 years of their Pre-IB/IB education. We have great respect for the growing independence and empowerment they undergo while they are here. We treat them as adults, giving them responsibility and having high expectations of them. We hope they have high expectations of us too. It is important that we – parents and school – keep close contact should any issue arise. This will help to ensure that your children thrive and develop academically.

Both Pre-IB and IB parents have the possibility of attending a virtual introductory meeting with the IB and Deputy IB coordinator. At the meeting, we will give you an introduction to the Pre-IB and IB Programmes at our school, we will explain our expectations of the students and you will have the chance to ask questions. The meeting will take place within the 2nd or 3rd week of the school year. More information will follow at the beginning of the school year.

If the Danish authorities allow it, we will host an intro party for the Pre-IB students and the first-year students from our Danish programmes on Friday 20 August. Pre-IB parents are invited to watch the students dance Les Lanciers and enjoy refreshments after the introductory meeting. Due to the current restrictions on assemblies, we still do not know if we will be able to proceed with the party as we have planned. Once your children start at our school in August, we will provide you with updated information and instructions on how to sign up.

I hope you will follow the news at Nyborg Gymnasium’s website and Facebook site. Where you can read about school life and see photos and videos from our various events at school.

Finally, I would like to make you aware that any student coming to Denmark from abroad, or having been on a holiday abroad, must go into a 10-day quarantine in Denmark before they will be allowed to enter the school or boarding school. The only exemptions are for students coming from Germany, Iceland or Norway, in accordance with the Danish regulations. You can read more about the regulations here: Information about the handling of Covid-19 at Nyborg Gymnasium. It will not be an option to come in later in the school year, since we will not be providing online, virtual teaching.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Yours sincerely,

Henrik Vestergaard Stokholm

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