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Parents Events

Provided that it will be allowed by the Danish authorities, parents to both new Pre-IB and IB students will have the possibility of attending an information meeting on 21 August 2020 with the IB and Deputy IB Coordinators. We will give you an introduction to the Pre-IB and IB programmes at our school. We will explain our expectations to the students, and you will have the chance to ask questions.

We will send information about events for parents to your e-Boks, or to your e-mail if you do not have an e-Boks.
Please remember to provide us with your updated e-mail addresses, so we can inform you about different events and other matters of interest for you and your child. Please send your updated e-mail addresses with your child´s first name and surname to post@nyborg-gym.dk.

Student Support Association

At Nyborg Gymnasium, we have a Student Support Association for the benefit of students in need of financial support. The aim is to provide financial aid (either as a one-time payment or a loan) to cover expenses related to study trips or excursions. You can support the association and become a permanent member through a one-time payment of DDK 200. The money can be transferred to a Danish bank account with reg. no. 9570 and account no. 12151748.

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