Information about the processing of personal data of students (and parents of students under 18 years)[1]

As part of your education at Nyborg Gymnasium, the school registers and processes personal information about you (and your parents if you are under 18 years), c.f. Article 6, (1) and Article 9, (1) in the EU General Data Protection Regulation[2].

Nyborg Gymnasium aims at processing as little personal information about you (and your parents if you are under 18 years) as possible, and we only process the personal information we have if the processing is necessary, justifiable and proportional.

We collect and process personal information, first and foremost, that is necessary to meet our obligation regarding the relevant educational rules and regulations.

We collect and process personal information so that we can

  • identify you
  • place you in classes
  • teach you
  • lend books from our book depot and our library
  • administrate your absence
  • certify that you can be promoted to the next school year
  • look into your applications to student grant “SU” or other benefits.
  • register for exams

The rules for the processing of your personal information can be found in the relevant legislation, see list at the end of this document.

We also process personal information if it is necessary and justifiable, for operational measures, e.g. for the implementation of precautionary measures, prevention of cheating at exams and for the use in the school’s financial management, such as e.g. below:

  • Information about your access to, and your communications in the IT systems that you are a user of. We have access to the information as part of our system performance and maintenance and preventative measures for misuse in user communications and behaviour in the school’s IT systems, e.g. in Lectio and the school’s network, as well as part of the prevention and handling of cheating in exams with internet access.
  • Video footage in the areas where there is CCTV. The CCTV areas are clearly marked with signs.
  • Information about payment cards and transactions as part of you or your parents purchase of tickets for school events or payment for study trips.

On rare occasions, it may be necessary to process confidential or sensitive personal information about you and if applicable also your parents, e.g. if you ask for schooling on special conditions, e.g. because of a handicap or particular social circumstances, if you ignore the school’s study rules and regulations, or we suspect you have been cheating at tests or exams, if you take a dyslexic test, if you are going on a study trip (in this case, you must supply passport information) or if you apply for dispensation for living away from home “SU” grant, with the background of e.g. special circumstances in the home.

In addition, we also carry out the following processing of personal information about you if you have given your consent for it:

  • Publication of e.g. photo or video of you on the internet, e.g. on the school’s homepage, on the school’s profile on social media or in the school’s printed publications.
  • Registration of sensitive[3] personal information about you as part of study counselling, including information given in relation to e.g. an application for special pedagogical support “SPS”, dispensation for living away from home “SU” grants or other forms for support e.g. extra time for exams.
  • Displaying your contact information in the ”class address list”.

You give your consent on the declaration of consent form that you find in GymBetaling in a link at the bottom of our homepage. Your response to the declaration of consent is obligatory, however it is voluntary if you want to give your consent. You can always retract your consent with future effect as well as retroactive effect, if this is technically possible.

Passing on information

Nyborg Gymnasium only passes on personal information about you if it is required by legislation and if it is necessary in order to perform our obligations as an educational institution.

The recipient of your information can, for example, be the recipient school if you are moving schools, Youth Education Guidance, if you leave school prematurely as well as The Ministry of Education or ministry committee, Region or Authority for Further Education.

Your rights (and your parents’ rights if you are under 18 years)
Right to insight: You (or your parents) can gain insight into which personal information we process about you, what the purpose of the processing of information is, how long we keep the personal information, where we have the information from (if we have not received it from you), who we give the personal information to and for what reason, and if required, transfer personal information to a third-party, c.f. Art. 15 in the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Insight can be given if we deliver a copy of the information and/or we ask you yourself to log-in with your user id in our it-system to see the information there (if there is full access to your own information in the system).

The right to insight can be limited, due to considerations of private interests, confidentiality about information of others or obligation of secrecy that the public administration requires, c.f. EU General Data Protection Regulation § 22.

Right to insight: You (or your parents) can have insight into our processing of personal information if your interest for not wanting your personal information processed comes before Nyborg Gymnasiums legitimate interest to carry out processing, c.f. Article 21 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Right to correction: You (or your parents) can correct or add personal information about you that is incorrect or incomplete, c.f. Article 16 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Right to the limitation of processing: You (or your parents) have the right to limit our processing of personal information if there are certain reasons for this, c.f. Article 18 in the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Right for deletion: We keep your personal information as long as it is necessary in regard to Nyborg Gymnasiums documentation for our administration of your schooling.

Most of your information will be deleted 3 years after you have left school.

The following information about you will first be deleted after 5 years: information in the case of an application and administration of dispensation for living away from home “SU” and special support services “SPS”. The following information about you will be deleted after 10 years: information about sanctions. Your exam certificate will be deleted after 30 years.

Your parents personal information (basic and contact information) will be kept until you are 18 years. If you have said yes that we can still contact your parents regarding your schooling after you are 18 years, we will keep your parents information for 3 years after you have left school. If, for example, we have collected information as part of your application for dispensation for living away from home ”SU” or information about parents income for admission to the boarding school, we will keep this for 5 years after you have left school.

If you retract the consent you have given to us about certain processing of information, cf. Section about consent, we will, in the future, cease to process the personal information you gave consent to. However, we may still have the need to process certain personal information for a limited period, e.g. as documentation for the administration of financial support or special services you have received on the basis of personal information you gave your consent to that we could process. If your consent is given to publish your photo or video on the internet, we will do what we can to remove your personal information again. We will remove your personal information if it is technically possible and if we have the means to do so. However, we cannot guarantee that the material can be removed from e.g. Google search engines or Facebook.

This is how you use your rights: You (or your parents) should contact the school, cf. section about Formalities below and inform us which right you want to perform and why. We will hereafter investigate if we agree that the right can be performed. If we are not in agreement immediately, we will give a reason for this and you will have the opportunity to express yourself before we make the final decision about whether the right can be carried out. Our decision about this shall follow The Public Administration act rules of hearing, grounds and guidance of complaint, cf. The Public Administration Act §§ 19–25.

Nyborg Gymnasium is responsible for the data and the processing of personal information as mentioned above.

If you (or your parents) have questions or wish to use the rights mentioned above the school’s data protection adviser can be contacted on dpo@gfadm.dk


Complaint procedure
Complaints of Nyborg Gymnasiums processing of personal information can be made to the Danish Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen K.


The legal basis for processing of your or your parents’ personal information is found in the legislation below:

Laws and government orders for students that have started their education after 1 August 2017:

Laws and government orders for students that started their education before 1 August 2017:


The use of Nyborg Gymnasiums network and secure communication with us during your schooling
As part of your schooling, you will have access to some of the schools it-systems and teaching-networks.

Our guidelines about what the schools it-systems and should be used for, how you protect your own personal information as part of e.g. use of apps in teaching, as well as how you should use others (e.g. your friends) personal information can be found in the Study Rules and Regulations (skolens studie- og ordensregler, select English) point 3.10, 5.1 no. 7 og 11 and point 5.2, which you are obliged to read.

Nyborg Gymnasium will primarily communicate with you and your parents via e-boks.



[1] This information is given with reference to art. 13 and 14 in the General data protection Regulation.

[2] Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, and repealing directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

[3] Sensitive personal information is information about i.a. political, religious or philosophical beliefs, health diagnosis, ethnic origin or information about sexual relations or sexual orientation.

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