We look forward to welcoming you to the school on Monday 12 August 2024 at 9:00 am.

On this page, we have gathered important information for you regarding the first period in school.

If you will be staying at the boarding school, you can find further information below.


Welcome speech by the principal Henrik Vestergaard Stokholm in the Multihall.


IB students remain in the Multihall for a brief welcome by the IB Coordinator Ulrik Nørum

Theory of Knowledge and Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) activities.

The school provides a light lunch on the first day, so you do not have to bring your own.

The first day of school is over.


Both Pre-IB and IB parents have the possibility of attending a virtual introductory meeting with the IB and Deputy IB Coordinators. The meeting will take place within the 2nd or 3rd week of the school year. More information will follow at the beginning of the school year.


As Nyborg Gymnasium is responsible for the protection of data, we must inform you that personal data about you will be processed as part of your schooling.

Here you can find information about which personal data the school always processes, and which personal data the school needs your consent to process.

You must read this information carefully. Furthermore, you must complete a declaration of consent. Students with MitID can complete the declaration via

Foreign students, without MitID, should contact the school administration.

The declaration of consent must be completed by students no later than Friday 30 August 2024.


During the first weeks, you will receive your books. Nyborg Gymnasium has online access to Gyldendal´s dictionaries, but if you need dictionaries that translate to other languages than Danish, you need to acquire your own.

Furthermore, you will receive a free version of the Microsoft Office package, so you do not need to buy it yourself. We expect you to have a laptop that you can bring to school.

At the beginning of your IB programme, you need to purchase a graphical display calculator. We strongly suggest that you buy a TI-84 Plus CE-T calculator, since these models are used by our mathematics teachers in the classes, and are recommended by IB.

At the start of the school year, you will receive more information about the school rules and regulations, as well as other practical information to make you feel at home at Nyborg Gymnasium.


We correspond with students via digital post.

Once you have your MitID and access to your digital postbox, it is important that you log into it and state your mobile number so you receive a text message whenever there is a letter in your digital postbox.

If you do not have MitID you can activate it here.


Three months after you have turned 18, you may be eligible to apply for the Danish National Student Grand (SU). You apply for this grant on To create a web-account at, you need your MitID which you can activate here. It takes a while to receive the code, so order it well in advance to make sure you will receive your SU on time. You cannot apply for SU more than one month in advance.

Should you have any questions regarding SU, please contact the school administration.


Remember that you are going on a study trip in the autumn of 3i, which is the final IB year. You should expect a cost of approx. DDK 5,000 for this.


You can use both bus and train when commuting to Nyborg Gymnasium. As a student at the school, you have the possibility of getting a discount, when applying for the public transportation pass called the Ungdomskort.

Note that it takes up to two weeks to have your Ungdomskort delivered, so you need to order it well in advance.
You can order your Ungdomskort from Saturday 8 June on, and you need the following to get started:

  • An e-mail account that you regularly check
  • Your own MitID
  • A valid credit card

There are 2 steps when ordering:

Step 1: Apply for approval.
Step 2: Once approved, order and pay.

You can find information on the buses using here: FYNBUS timetables.

If you arrive by train, you can find information on


You can read about our various After School activities here.


In the ABC’en, you will find practical information to all students.

You can follow us on FaceBook, Instagram and LinkedIn.


For further information about the processing of personal information of students (and parents of students under 18 years), please read more here.


If you are a boarder, you and your parents will find updated information here
Scroll down to "Dear new boarders"

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