Invitation to IB Graduation Ceremony 2024

Dear 3i graduates and families,

This year we are starting a new tradition in the IB Diploma Programme at Nyborg Gymnasium, and we are pleased to invite you to the official IB Graduation Ceremony 17 May 2024, 14:00-16:00.

In previous years, we have held the IB Graduation at the same time as the Danish educational programmes at our school in late June, and this has imposed certain limitations which we would like to change by moving the graduation to the last day of IB exams.

The new IB Graduation Ceremony will be held entirely in English and there will be no limit on the number of family members each graduate can bring. There will be speeches by the Principal, the IB Coordinator, an IB Graduate, and the CAS Coordinators, who will present the CAS Awards. The official graduation photo of the class will be taken and made available to all, and this will be followed by a reception, where students, families and teachers can celebrate the completion of the exams.

A number of graduates would like to see friends from the Danish programmes graduate, and all graduates (but not families) will be invited as audience on 28 June 2024. This is also the day where a number of IB graduates have signed up for the traditional truck-drive, which starts from the school following the ceremony for the Danish programmes.

A questionnaire for signing up for the IB Graduation Ceremony will be distributed to our graduating students.

We think this new tradition will be an amazing celebration of the monumental achievement it is to complete the IB Diploma Programme!

Yours sincerely,

Henrik Vestergaard Stokholm (Principal)
Ulrik Nørum (IB Coordinator/Head of IB)